Why wood boxes and crates for packaging and shipping?

Wooden boxes and crates for shipping are a great choice to enhance packaging and also give perceived added value to any product. Custom wood packaging is more than just a container for your product – it plays a variety of other roles. In a marketplace where there are tons of product messaging, it’s important to make a unique first impression so that your brand stands out.Variety of custom wood boxes and wood crates. Some wooden slatted boxes, others are small wooden hinged top boxes and wooden slide top boxes.

Some benefits and secondary operations that make wood boxes and wood crates a great choice.

  • Custom finishing, as well as branding, silk screening, and laser engraving, are a great way to enhance your packaging and make your product stand out.   
  • Benefits can include hand holes for carrying and the ability to stack.
  • Hardware can add value and options to your box. These include hinges and clasps.
  • Wood crates and boxes are also useful for displays to show off your product and give a good first impression.
  • Eco-friendly – boxes can be used over and over again.

At H. Arnold Wood Turning, we can help with ideas to create the perfect custom solution for you. All of our wood boxes and crates are custom-made. Our knowledgeable salespeople will help you tailor custom packaging for your product, corporate gift, or unique event invitation.

Ready to Begin?

If you have a vision for a unique wood box or crate, or any other woodworking project or custom wood component, please feel free to reach out to us for a free, no-obligation estimate. We bring your ideas to life at competitive prices while making life easy.