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Broom and Mop Handles

Handles are sold to broom and mop equipment manufacturers, the OEM market, and to wholesalers for distribution to the janitorial, maintenance and food service industry.  They are sold in production run quantities.

Handles can be provided from Pine or in various domestic or imported hardwood species.  We provide them in standard as well as custom lengths.  In general they are available in lengths from 12” to 72” and are available in diameters ranging from ¾” to 1-1/2”. We welcome you to provide us with your specifications and we will custom make your handles.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements and customization will be met.

Our experienced sales personnel can assist your product development team in determining the right design that will be most economical to produce.

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Common Packaging Options

  • Bulk Shipping

  • Custom Packaging

  • UPC Labeling

Common Secondary Operations

  • Drilling

  • Metal & Wood Threading

  • Rounding

  • Tapering

  • Tenoning

Common Finishing Options

  • Clear Lacquer

  • Plain Sanded

  • Painting

  • Staining

Imprint or Brand your company name or logo for added customization!

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Some Examples of Our Broom and Mop Handles

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