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Custom wood newels to enhance your architectural project.

Newel posts are the upright supports for handrails at the bottom and top of a staircase. They can also be positioned along the length of rail and where staircases change direction.

Newel posts have a primary purpose of structural support, though are typically decorative to varying degrees. They can significantly accent the architectural style of a home and can be produced with a variety of milling options or from multiple wood species to make a bold statement.

Additionally, newel posts can be produced to complement handrail profiles.

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Square or box newels are typically made with decorative moldings and are topped with a shaped or turned cap. Newel posts can also be produced to cover a structural support.

Round newels are generally made from solid stock, incorporating square sections at the bottom for mounting into the stairs and towards the top where the rail is attached.

Newel posts typically range in diameter from 3 ½” to 10” and larger, with lengths ranging from 48” to 60” depending on style, installation method, and correct proportion of staircase and handrail dimensions.

Interior paint grade newels are most commonly produced in poplar or maple. Interior newels that are stained will show the natural characteristics of the wood.

For these newels, almost any wood species can be used to achieve the desired look. Exterior newels are frequently made using mahogany, cypress, or cedar for durability.

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