Wood species can have a significant impact on the overall quality of wooden broom handles. Today, we will take a look at the defining characteristics of wood species often used for manufacturing wooden broom handles. Deciding on the right wood species can greatly benefit the durability, comfort, and overall quality of the brooms you are producing.


Ash, Sycamore, Beech, and Maple are popular hardwood choices for handles. Each of these species is durable and stands up to wear and tear over time.


A defining characteristic of softwood that differentiates it from hardwood is its lack of pores. Softwoods such as pine may also be used to manufacture wooden broom handles. These softwoods are lighter and less dense, enabling them to prioritize comfort and ease of use for the user. Typically, softwoods are less expensive than most hardwoods. 

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Wood Species


Ash strikes a great balance between strength and weight. It’s also a hardwood that is known for its strength. This is beneficial when you’re putting pressure on the handle for harder jobs. Ash handles are also good for extended use.

Beech and Sycamore

Beech and Sycamore are fine-grain hardwoods with a smooth texture. They are a popular choice for handles that prioritize comfort. Beech and Sycamore handles exhibit a smooth appearance, and the wood has a timeless aesthetic that can complement any broom.


Maple wood is not as dense as ash. However, it still offers excellent strength. Maple is known for its balanced combination of toughness and comfort during use.

Softwoods: Still An Option?

As stated earlier, pine is a great choice for wooden broom handles. On the other hand, softwood broom handles may require more frequent maintenance than hardwood handles to keep them in excellent condition.

Conclusion – Wooden Broom Handles

Hardwood options for wooden broom handles like ash, beech, sycamore, and maple offer durability and strength. Softwoods like pine provide a lighter weight option and feel for your handles. Consider your specific needs and preferences. Finally, don’t forget to properly maintain your handles to ensure they last for years to come.

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