Wood Finials

Wood finials are small, intricate ornaments that are often found at the tops of furniture, curtain rods, and architectural structures. Often delicate and handcrafted, wood finials serve as decoration and add a touch of sophistication to many objects.

Today, we will discuss six common ways one can use finials to enhance architecture, accent certain spaces, and more.

Grouping of unfinished wood finials that were custom made to match a customer sample.

Architectural Enhancement

Wood finials have been used in architectural design for centuries. They can often be found at the peaks of historic buildings, fences, gates, and more. Finials provide grandeur and a sense of completeness to the structures that they accompany. Since they’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes, finials are great for many different types of architecture, from classical to contemporary.


One of the most common applications of wood finials is for furniture design. Finials are great decorative accents for cabinets, bedposts, and chair rails. Since they come in many different designs, furniture makers can choose the perfect match for their needs.

Curtain Rods

Curtain rod finials serve both a functional and decorative purpose. They hold curtain rods in place and prevent the curtains themselves from sliding. Beyond this, curtain rod finials add an element of elegance to window treatments. Homeowners have the option to choose finials that complement their interior décor, adding to the ambiance of any room.

Garden Accents

Finials are versatile in landscape design. They are incorporated at the top of garden fences, pergolas, and gateposts. Finials can be painted or left in their natural finish to blend with surrounding greenery.

Lighting Fixtures

Wood finials are incorporated into the of design lighting fixtures such as lamps and chandeliers. They are sometimes found at the base of a lampshade or as a crown on a chandelier as a decorative element. These finials contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the lighting piece. They come in various shapes and finishes, allowing designers to create custom lighting solutions.

Do-It-Yourself Projects and Crafts

Craft enthusiasts often use wood finials in their projects. They serve as a great starting point for creating custom decorative pieces. Finials can be added to handmade ornaments drawer pulls or used as a topper on Christmas trees. They inspire creativity and add sophistication to DIY crafts.

Wood Finials – Conclusion

Finials are great architectural additions to a wide variety of objects. At H. Arnold Wood Turning, we work with you to supply custom architectural wood products, including wood finials, at wholesale prices. We take pride in crafting custom wooden pieces that tell a story and enhance your living space.

If you have a vision for a unique woodworking project or need custom wood components, please feel free to reach out to us for a free, no-obligation estimate. We bring your ideas to life at competitive prices while making life easy.