Group of many turned balusters. Two are shown with finial on top and all others with tenon only.

Are you looking for large wood balusters?

Remodeling your home and need to match an existing large wood balusters?

Building a new home and need to find a large wood baluster to help complete the perfect design?

The experts here at H. Arnold Wood Turning work closely with our clients to accommodate their unique requirements.  Since our balusters and spindles are all custom made to order, they can be produced in custom sizes.   Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have a large or even small baluster/spindle need.  We work with you and your specific measurements and create the proper finished product.  We can help you determine the proper specie to use depending on whether the baluster/spindle will be for exterior or interior use.  

For homes that are being remodeled, renovated or restored, we work closely with our clients.  We can match the existing design and components in the home.  So many times we get calls from desperate home owners and contractors looking to replicate or replace broken balusters.  If a sample is available, we ask that you send that to us, so that we can make sure we get the design just right.  To make your home even more customized, you may want to think about adding a special finish or paint color to the wood.  We work with your custom needs and find the finish or color that will work for your specific needs!

Browse our gallery to see some samples of our work, and contact one of our experts today to help get started on your project!


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