Cedar Balusters

Cedar Balusters

Although considered softwood, cedar is very strong and weathers well. It is not prone to warping, sagging and is decay-resistant. So, it’s an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Cedar wood has varied uses that include building boats, log cabins and musical instruments.  It is a beautiful and versatile wood species to consider for your porch posts, balusters and spindles.

There are several different types of cedar trees.  Some examples of some uses for wood from the following trees:

  • Aromatic and Western Cedar is common for closets, trunks and shavings for pet bedding.
  • Eastern Cedar is tolerant of the outdoors and can be used for fence posts, outdoor furniture and small specialty items.
  • Spanish Cedar is used for diverse products such as veneer, cabinetry, humidors and boats and instrument construction.
  • Northern Cedar is common for log cabins, canoes, fences and shingles.



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