Wood Dining Table Base

Recently, a customer reached out to us with a request for a wood dining table base. The base would be used to hold a walnut wood tabletop that the customer already owned, as well as bring the entire table to new life. The customer-supplied, rectangular walnut top was 48″ x 72″ and about 1-1/2” thick. We were tasked with creating a table base that would not only be visually appealing but strong enough to hold the top.

Photo Inspiration and a Blueprint

This project began like many others that we work on at H. Arnold Wood Turning. The customer sent us an image, shown below, that was similar to a new piece that he envisioned for his dining space. This image was the starting point for us as we began work on what the new table base would look like.

Inspiration photo used to create a new wood dining table base.

With this image and the customer’s goals in mind, we translated many of the key design concepts from the image into a tangible plan via a blueprint. The approved blueprint, shown below, would ensure both solid support for the walnut tabletop as well as a beautiful aesthetic.

Blueprint used to create a wood dining table base.

Once our drawing was approved by the customer, the round wood dining table base took shape. The base would be made of paint-grade soft maple, ready to be painted.

As shown in the drawing above, it would be 29½ inches tall, have a top section tapering down to 10 inches, and have a 1/2-inch threaded rod secured up the center to provide more strength. The bottom of the table, for about 5 inches, would be side grain turning and the upper stem would be vertical grain. The threaded rod is included to help secure this change in grain.

The Completed Wood Dining Table Base

Throughout the process of creating the base, the customer communicated his thoughts and contributed feedback. This was very helpful to our team as we worked through the various phases of the project.

The unfinished base, shown below on the left below, was then presented to the customer. He was thrilled with the final result and was excited to paint and assemble it with his walnut top. Once painted and assembled, he sent us a photo of the completed table, shown below on the right.

Ready to Begin?

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