Stained White Oak Newel Posts with a Unique Twist

Today’s post takes a look at a recently completed staircase project featuring custom white oak newel posts. The oak newel posts showcased here hold a defining twist within. This adds an element of intrigue to any staircase. 

What Are Newel Posts?

Newel posts are the upright supports for handrails at the bottom and top of a staircase. They can also be positioned along the length of the rail and where staircases change direction.

Newel posts have a primary purpose of structural support. However, they are typically decorative to varying degrees. They can significantly accent the architectural style of a home and can be made with a variety of milling options or from multiple wood species to make a bold statement.

Additionally, newel posts complement handrail profiles. They can be stained or painted depending on preference and which option complements your space’s design. To read more about these posts and how they can be used, click here.

The newel posts for this project are made of white oak, a hard and heavy wood known for its medium-bending characteristics and crushing strength, according to the American Hardwood Information Center.

The process for creating the oak newel posts began like many other projects – with a photo from the customer. After taking a look at the photo, our team quickly began working on a drawing that detailed what the posts would look like based on the customer’s preferences.

White Oak newel post drawing

Following the drawing’s approval, the newel posts are carefully created. The posts used for this project feature a unique “twist within a twist” design. This subtle detail adds a sense of sophistication and detail to the staircase that these posts would ultimately become part of.

Once completed, the custom white oak newel posts are shipped unassembled to the customer with all of its parts labeled. This is done so the customer can easily finish and assemble the newel posts himself.

White Oak newel post with twists, unassembled

Customization to Match Your Style

Ultimately, the newel posts were stained, assembled, and incorporated into the customer’s staircase improvement project. The twists continue to serve as a welcomed addition to the staircase’s character and a household feature that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

White Oak newel posts w/ added finish.

Ready to Begin?

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