Jonathan Arnold is one of the owners of H. Arnold Wood Turning. He was featured in Broom, Brush and Mop Magazine.  Check out his article in the BUSINESS ISSUES, NEW IDEAS AND INNOVATIONS section on pages 42-43.

Broom, Brush & Mop Magazine has been serving the industry since 1912 and is read each month by broom, brush and mop manufacturers, and suppliers to the industry, throughout the world. Broom, Brush & Mop delivers a strong editorial product that is unequalled in industry news coverage, sales analysis, market conditions, suppliersʼ surveys, new product news and extensive monthly import and export figures on both raw materials and finished products.  In this article, Jonathan Arnold discusses the ongoing trade war with China, the implementation of tariffs, freight costs and the possibility of an economic downturn.

Some Key takeaways from the article include:

  • “Today, our focus, as it has been for decades, is to stay on top of what is going on in the industries we serve, and, to not only listen to our customers, but also to follow through and communicate with them.  Our business during the past year has been brisk, especially for our broom and mop handles. We have concentrated on running domestic hardwood and softwood species, including pine, poplar,  sycamore and some beech.”
  • Despite some pressures on raw material prices due to the ongoing trade war and tariff situation, Arnold said recent pricing
    has been stable. He added: “We continue to secure enough raw material for current production, and have additional inventory for added capacity. With the push to bring production back to the U.S., and with an emphasis to stop buying rainforest wood species, we are seeing an uptick in our broom and mop business, which is certainly encouraging.”
  • “We are really trying to focus on domestic production of broom and mop handles and further grow this portion of our business,” Arnold said. “Our capacity and increased production of broom and mop handles continues to expand. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with any perspective buyers.”

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Broom Brush and Mop Cover Sept/Oct 2019 issue
Jonathan Arnold in Broom Brush and Mop magazine page 42 Sept/Oct issue